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mm chezburger

Red gets cornered by a couple of strangers and is offered food, tomfoolery ensues

After a long day of doing errands, Red was finally making their way back home when they noticed that two unfamiliar men seemed to be closely following them. At first, Red simply thought it was a coincidence and that they were probably just walking in the same direction they were, but that was quickly disproven when they took a turn and found the same pair of men close behind them. 

As alarming as this would be for anyone else, Red simply let out a sigh of annoyance and carried on. They've dealt with this same situation many times before, and it's always ended up in fresh meat and a nearly unidentifiable corpse being discovered afterward. Red continued walking until they intentionally made a wrong turn and ended up in a dead-end alleyway. As expected, the men followed right behind them.

Red soon found themself being backed against the wall and stared down at by the two men, to which they only stared back. The demon studied the men carefully and found it rather strange that aside from whatever could be in the bags they were both carrying, neither of them seemed to be carrying weapons. Either these two are inexperienced or simply just stupid, Red thought to themself amusingly. After what nearly seemed like an eternity of silence, one of the men took a step forward and spoke. 

"So, you must be the demon that's been roaming the woods at night... honestly, we both thought you would be much taller."

This alone managed to get a rather dumbfounded reaction out of Red, not only due to the comment about their height but because they've somehow been caught making the nightly rounds again. As visibly upset as that made Red, they of course tried to conceal it as well as they could and simply stared back at the men.

"Y...Yeah? So what if I am? You here to hunt me down like I'm a fucking unicorn or something?" Red scoffed.

The man chuckled. "Of course not, silly. We've simply come to, let's say, give an offering to you if you don't mind."

Red didn't hide just how utterly confused that made them. An offering? To them of all demons? The thought of such a thing was laughable, however, they couldn't help but be rather curious as to what sort of offering these men had to give them. 

Red pondered this for a moment, and after making up their mind they spoke up again.

"...I suppose I wouldn't mind that, b-but try to make it quick, I got somewhere I need to be." They muttered coldly.

"Fine with us." The other man said before suddenly creeping behind the demon and grabbing them, holding them up by the waist. "Oof- This one's a bit heavier than the others."

"GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF ME AT ONCE." The demon barked in protest, staring daggers into both men as they immediately started to struggle.

"Geez, calm down, will you? We aren't gonna hurt you..." The first man quickly explained. "We just figured it would be easier to do this if we were both at eye level." Red didn't buy it.

The man took out a brown paper bag from the backpack he'd been carrying, and pulled out it's contents. As soon as he unwrapped what he had in his hands, Red's face went completely blank.

It appeared to be a very large burger, picked up from one of the local fast-food chains that happened to be in the area.

"... I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this." Red said bluntly.

"This is what we will be offering to you." One of the men replied before the other stepped closer and held the sandwich up to the demon's mouth. "Open up."

Red instinctively moved their head away and stared at the men with a look of disdain. "I'm a grown adult, I don't need to be handfed thank you very much-"

"Dude, relax. It's really not that serious, we just wanna make sure this little demon here ain't going hungry is all." The man booped the demon's catlike nose at that, earning him an annoyed grunt.

As bizarre as this whole situation seemed to be, Red was quite honestly entertaining the thought of accepting the strange offering. They hadn't eaten much of anything today, and if these two strangers were offering them a free lunch then they certainly weren't one to object.

After yet another moment of silence between the three, Red hesitantly opened their mouth and allowed one of them to guide the sandwich into their mouth. They chewed for a moment, doing it slowly to see if there was anything poisonous. Once they concluded that it was normal, they quickly swallowed. They stared unblinkingly at the two men, who were watching them eat rather intently. Red tried their best to ignore how strange it felt to them as they took another bite, letting themself loosen up more in the men's hold.

Being watched by these two definitely felt more than a bit awkward, especially due to how warm their face was beginning to feel as they went on. What the hell was going on? They've had plenty of people watch them eat before, so why did this feel... different?

Red pushed those thoughts aside as they continued eating. The burger actually ended up being good, much to their surprise. It didn’t taste at all like fast food; the meat was real juicy and was cooked well, with the cheese melted onto the patty instead of just being thrown on top like you’d expect from any commercial burger joint. The bun tasted slightly sweet, although not so much so that it clashed with the taste of everything else. Needless to say, it was definitely a nice change from the raw meat they kept in the fridge at home.

Red was quickly pulled out of their thoughts when they heard one of the men speak up once more.

"Tastes good, right?" He spoke.

The demon raised their brow, being somewhat hesitant to respond.


A few minutes later, Red had managed to get about halfway through the sandwich. It was surprisingly tricky, but maybe that was because of how nervous they were as they were continuously stared down at by these two strangers. They tried their best to ignore it all and just enjoy the free meal, but it became increasingly more difficult with how tight their shirt started to feel around their midriff. Red hoped the two men couldn't hear them beginning to quietly pant in between bites.

"Need a little help?" Red heard one of them ask. Red didn't have a clue what exactly he was alluding to helping them with, but despite this, they nodded their head. They then felt the man's hands begin to travel along their body, stopping right at their stomach and beginning to rub slow, gentle circles into it. The demon tensed, but then quickly began to relax at the touch as their heart-shaped tail started to wag behind them.

"Oh? I take it you enjoy us doing this?" The man spoke once again, which was met with a quiet hum and a shake of the demon's head. Red felt their body begin to steadily warm up as this continued, allowing themself to go nearly limp in the men's hold.

"That's it, good boy..." Red heard the other one say, and oh boy if that didn't make things ten times worse than they already were. Red's face changed to a look of flustered shock as they looked up at the man who said that. "S-Shit, did I say that out loud? I'm so sorry-"

"No, I... I-I don't think I mind being called that." Red uttered while facing away from the two men as they felt a growing sense of embarrassment from admitting what they were thinking outright.

The two men stopped and exchanged looks for a moment until one of them simply chuckled and spoke. "Really now? I didn't take it that demons enjoyed that sorta thing."

"W-What the hell is that supposed to mean??? W-We're not like a damn hivemind or something, we have l-lives and shit too y'know-" Red was only met with a finger pressed to their lips in a shushing gesture. Red pouted.

Red sighed and simply went back to the task at hand, taking bite after bite out of the large sandwich while the men occasionally muttered little words of praise into their ears. Red wasn't usually one for praise but fuck if this wasn't doing things to them. Red knew that what was happening wasn't normal at all and that they should be weirded out by this, especially when they barely even knew these men. Strangely though, it also felt... kind of good? It felt nice. They were all hot and dizzy at this point but they found that they didn't really mind the feeling at all. 

Red looked down at the sandwich and noticed that they only had a little bit of it left to go, but fuck, they felt so full. Maybe that was the reason why they did this in the first place; to hold them off so they wouldn't go after anyone for a while. They felt stupid for falling for such a trap, but they didn't have much time to dwell on it as they were brought out of their thoughts once more.

"Something the matter?" He asked. Red blinked for a moment before stuttering out a response. "Ah- N-No, nothing's wrong. I-I just don't know if I can finish this is all..." They were very obviously lying through their teeth now, they just wanted to get this over with so they could go home quicker. Unfortunately, though, the two men didn't buy it. "Aw come on now, just one more bite?"

Red thought for a moment, looking down at the remainder of the sandwich in front of them. Fine then, just one more bite. They told themself. Just one more and then you can get the hell out of here. They opened their mouth once more and, surprisingly, they managed to get down what was left of it in one bite. They let out an audible sigh.

Red felt their stomach peeking out from underneath their shirt. They tried moving their arms to pull their shirt back down, but they were held back by the man who stood in front of them. Before they could ask anything, they suddenly felt the hem of their shirt being lifted upward, fully exposing their midriff. Their stomach had a noticeably larger curve to it that was much more pronounced than it was initially. Red felt like their face was going to catch on fire from how hot it felt.

"God, look at ya... you did such a good job for us." The man uttered, rubbing and squishing at the demon's tummy, which caused them to let out a quiet whimper. "Such a cutie you are, too... it kinda sucks that we gotta let you go now."

"Ah... u-um, well..." Red breathed out. "I-I wouldn't mind... doing this again, per se..." They nervously chuckled, paws fidgeting. "But um... yeah, I do have somewhere to be right now, so..." 

As much as they were enjoying this, Red really felt like they needed to go before things got out of hand. It definitely wouldn't look too good if someone, especially someone they knew, saw them getting fresh with two random strangers in an alleyway when they were needed back at home.

"Oh, right, you did say that." One of them spoke, before setting the small demon back down onto their feet. "Well then, in that case... I suppose we could arrange something for another time if you're interested?" 


Red mumbled inaudibly as they got back on their feet. They felt dizzy from the weight in their stomach, but hopefully, they could make it back home without any more issues. After they took a moment to compose themself, they looked over at the two men with a glare.

"...Neither of you will ever fucking speak of this to anyone, y-you understand?"

Both men stifled a laugh.

"Sure thing, princess."