take me back

boy why you so deer

Medkit gets way too stressed and deer regresses

Today was quite rough for Medkit.

Nearly every match he was in, he felt like he was fumbling at any given time. He was being constantly targeted, chased, jumped, and dogpiled by the enemy team, to seemingly no end.

Medkit sat alone during intermissions since Sword was caught up in his own shenanigans with Rocket, staring blankly at the floor and biting his fingers out of stress. He felt like no matter what he did during these matches, the odds would always be out of his favor. He had set standards for himself, and when he failed to meet them, he always felt like shit. This feeling of uselessness was unfortunately all too familiar to him, far too reminiscent of a place and time when that was one of the only emotions he ever felt.

It was all starting to be too much for him, too much to be able to keep up his calm and collected disposition for much longer. All Medkit really felt like doing now was going home and crawling into bed so he didn't start overthinking and making himself feel worse.

And then, seemingly out of nowhere, Banhammer approached him, leaning forward so that he could be at eye level with the doctor. Beneath his blindfold, he surprisingly had a look of concern.

"Hey, doc... you doing okay? Ehe, you look a lot more unhappy than usual." Banhammer asked not-so-subtly.

Medkit just looked up at him with a tired gaze. He couldn't even muster up words at the moment, instead shaking his head and making a "nuh-uh" sound.

Banhammer tilted his head at him. "Uh, hello? Can't you talk?"

Medkit just made the same sound and shook his head again in response.

Banhammer furrowed his brow and thought for a moment. If Medkit didn't even feel like talking then there's obviously something wrong here. Was he not feeling good? "Do you feel like you need to go home or something, doc?" Banhammer questioned again. Instead of giving a verbal answer this time, Medkit moved closer to the warden and put his head on his shoulder, which caught Banhammer by surprise.

"Eh? You wanna go home with me..?" Banhammer asked softly, to which Medkit gave him a nod. "Heh, suit yourself then!" Banhammer chuckled, and without hesitation, he picked Medkit up and hoisted him over his shoulder. Medkit's face dusted a faint teal color at the sudden action, but he was honestly too tired to protest, instead allowing the demigod to carry him away to his place.


Once the two arrived at Banhammer's residence, Banhammer took no time in getting Medkit all set for the night. He had lent the doctor one of his t-shirts to change into, and he intended on leaving the room to let him change until he felt Medkit paw at his arm.

"What, do you need help changing or something?" The warden asked with his lips curled into a teasing smile.

Medkit only gave him a timid look, and despite not saying anything, it was pretty clear what his answer to that was.

"..Oh." Banhammer wasn't expecting that. While the thought of it did seem rather unconventional, if Medkit did need his help, then he supposed it would be wrong of him not to give him that.

Banhammer couldn't help but chuckle when the shirt turned out to be much bigger on the demon than he initially expected. Medkit didn't seem to mind it much, instead finding comfort in the warm, oversized clothing. It made him feel small, and the fabric smelled strongly of Banhammer, too. Medkit liked that.

Soon after that, the tired demon took it upon himself to crawl into the warden's bed. He crawled up on all fours, clumsily squirming around for a moment before curling up underneath the nice, warm sheets. He almost resembled a baby fawn, all curled up in a ball the manner that he was. Banhammer couldn't help but snort at the thought.

"I see you've already made yourself comfortable, mind if I join ya, Meds?" Banhammer smiled and peered down at Medkit, to which the doctor shook his head.

As soon as Banhammer laid himself onto the mattress, though, he immediately felt Medkit scoot closer and rest his head right on top of his chest. What the hell has gotten into him? Banhammer thought to himself. He wasn't at all familiar with this kind of behavior from Medkit. Usually, he was never this affectionate, so the sudden change felt almost alien to the warden. Even then, for some reason, he couldn't bring himself to move the doctor off of him. Out of impulse, Banhammer put his hand on top of the doctor's head and started petting him, and when he did, he swore he could see Medkit's little deer tail begin to wag underneath the covers. It made Banhammer's heart flutter in a way he wasn't familiar with, he couldn't help but feel a sense of tenderness from it.

"Listen doc, I don't figure I'm gonna get any answers from you anytime soon on why you're actin' like this... but if it'll help you out any, how does spending the night here sound to ya?"

Medkit immediately nodded, affectionately headbutting the warden with a faint smile.

"Hehe.. alrighty then, sounds like a plan." Banhammer softly chuckled as he kissed the smaller demon on his forehead.

It wasn't long afterward that the two ended up falling asleep for the night.