take me back


two old men kiss and then something cray cray happens

While Zuka sat in the bed of his truck, Zuka had the Broker comfortably sitting in his lap. He had his arm wrapped comfortably around Broker's waist as the smaller demon talked His ear off about their day. He didn't mind their rambling since he didn't have anything left to do for the day, so it couldn't be a distraction. As the Broker explained the day's events, he was absentmindedly pressing and kneading at Zuka's torso. The touch was oddly comforting, and Zuka found himself softly purring as Broker continued. After a while of simply listening, Zuka finally spoke up about it.

"Goodness darlin', I didn't know you took up a job at the Bread Factory. You're kneading on me just like a cat would."

Broker giggled at that. "Well, it's not my fault you feel so nice to touch! You got so much cushion on ya it makes it difficult not to." They smiled brightly, gently patting Zuka's chest for emphasis.

Zuka chuckled and playfully smirked. "Maybe you're just a pervert who can't keep their hands to themself." Broker faked offense at that, placing his hand over his own chest and gasping dramatically, which made the veteran snort before giving him an affectionate kiss on the lips. This made the businessman lean in to return the affection, which lasted long enough to the point where things ended up getting much more intimate than the two of them initially intended.

Broker felt a rough, calloused hand make its way to the back of their neck, pulling them closer as the two demons locked lips with one another. Barely audible grunts and moans escaped the both of them, occasionally spiking in volume when one of them would playfully bite the other's lip.

"We gotta be quiet now, remember? Wouldn't want the authorities of all people finding you in the lap of some washed-up war veteran, now, would we?" Zuka breathed huskily as Broker chuckled. "You say that like it wouldn't mean bad news for you too, sweetheart! I don't think the public would be too happy to learn that B. Zuka has been fraternizing with one of Banlands' most wanted."

"Guess that's more reason for me to shut you up then, huh?" Zuka whispered as he leaned in again to meet the other's lips, slipping his black tongue into the other's mouth. Broker shivered as their tongues intertwined, their clawed hands gently gripping Zuka's jacket. Broker absolutely loved it when Zuka took charge, but they liked toying around with him even more, so they decided to take things up a notch.

The Broker grabbed Zuka's face and thrust their tongue down his throat, causing the veteran to let out a muffled yelp.

It wasn't long before Zuka's mouth was filled with the businessman's long, slimy tongue, letting them taste and explore him as much as they pleased. Zuka could hear the Broker let out an animalistic growl as he practically began fucking his throat with his tongue, taking great delight in how the older man squirmed beneath him. Zuka felt lightheaded; his hand balled into a fist as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. The sensation was so foreign and unfamiliar yet Zuka couldn't help but want more.

They only broke away once they were both completely out of breath, a thick string of saliva connecting them both as the Broker's tongue quickly retracted(?) back into their mouth.

"F-Fuck... you could've at least warned me before doing that." Zuka muttered weakly, wiping away thick globs of spit from his chin.

The Broker giggled. "Sorry dollface, I guess I got a little carried away." They pressed an apologetic kiss onto Zuka's cheek. "I didn't hurt ya, did I?"

Zuka sighed and shook his head, a faint smile spread across his lips. "I'm fine hun, just a little surprised is all. Not every day that I get a criminal's tongue shoved down my throat, y'know." The older man chuckled softly, squeezing his partner gently with his arm as their tail wagged back and forth behind them. "Then again, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it."

The Broker smiled at that, already attempting to lean in for another kiss before their face was immediately pushed away.

"That doesn't mean I don't need a moment to breathe, dumbass."