Benrey is a supporting character and main antagonist of the Garry's Mod RP series Half-Life VR but the AI Is Self-Aware. He is a Black Mesa security guard with many inhuman abilities, such as levitation, shapeshifting, immortality and his signature ability the Black Mesa Sweet Voice. He is not human, stating so himself, and is believed to be humanoid alien from Xen, a plane of existence seperate from the main area of the original Half-Life. He is very adamant about passports, and is shown to have a noteable interest in the Playstation console, as well as Playstation Plus, a paid subscription service for said console.

Benrey is a character I find a lot of myself in. Throughout the series, he's shown to be very neurodivergent-coded, although nothing is confirmed. As someone who is undoubtedly neurodivergent, I find the traits and mannerisms that Benrey has during HLVRAI to be very similar to my own, and that is likely why he ended up striking such a chord within me.