"Sometimes, it feels like I'm the only one that really exists. And everything else is fake. Fake people. Fake places. Fake gods. ... Maybe I'm fake?! Hey, maybe we can be fake together! Oh, what freedom that would be."

The Broker (sometimes referred to as just Broker) is an NPC from the Roblox game PHIGHTING!. His gear is currently unknown, as well as his in-game purpose is currently unknown, however it could be assumed that he is either a shopkeeper or a quest giver of some sorts.

The Broker is an affiliate of the Church of the True Eye, which seems to be a cult located somewhere within Lost Temple. Broker suffers from nerve damage as well as the inability to taste, due to a medical condition which is currently unknown, although it could be something similar to something like CIPA. The Broker is also one of the most wanted people within the Phighting universe, for crimes such as murder, manslaughter, gear laundering, embezzlement, and etc.